Hi! I’m Elma, a product designer born in Barcelona. I have always lived in an environment surrounded by design and visual culture, my mother is an interior design lover and my father, photographer, and TV cameraman. Illustration, photography, and design are an essential part of my life. 


I specialize in user experience design; more than 72 responsive web pages back it up. If I had to define myself I would say that I am a multidisciplinary artist. I had the opportunity to develop projects that have ranged from the creation of the branding to the corporate website, catalog, stationery, etc., I have also made illustration pieces that have been incorporated in various publications and exhibitions. 


Design is my passion, so I look for and find inspiration in everything around me, involving myself completely in every project. I like working with professionals and learning from them, especially if they have the same passion for doing what I do. When I work for a client I merge with his idea and make the design his best cover letter; a unique work that goes beyond the trends and behind which there are the best results.

About Me

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Selected Clients

- Heura

- Cepsa

- Editorial Almadraba

- Nomad Vans


- Wild Souls

- Metal Day

- Second Vita

- Jobssion

- Tony Soria

- UE Poble Sec

- Go Sell Food

- Frolov & Co

- Biocenter

- Hard Candy

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