We design the digital menu for your bar or restaurant

We help you to adapt your bar or restaurant to the COVID-19 protection measures by digitalizing your menu and linking a QR code with your menu

Take a look to the prices

Best price guaranteed

We understand that the exceptional situation we are living because of the COVID-19 affects us all equally, that's why we want to collaborate by offering you your virtual menu at the best price.

Security in your restaurant

No direct contact: your customer will have direct access to the complete information of your business menu just by using his finger and his mobile phone, reducing, this way, the probability of contact

Couldn't be easier

Our work methodology makes it very easy to adapt the menus to the new creations. You can include or modify dishes and drinks and, if you see the need, invest in another plan to incorporate new services.

Digital menu

Due to the world crisis generated by the COVID-19, the health authorities have imposed a series of essential measures to avoid contagion when reopening restaurants. Among them is the availability of online menus to reduce the number of direct and indirect contacts between customers and professionals in bars and restaurants.

Choose your plan

Menú QR Basic


The cheapest menu for your
bar or restaurant.

Entrantes, platos principales y postres

100 tarjetas QR

10 pegatinas QR

​Máximo 50 platos

X Logotipo

X Información adicional

X Imágenes de platos

X Redes sociales y web


Menú QR Profesional


The customised digital menu
for your bar or restaurant.

Menú personalizado con tu logotipo

150 tarjetas QR

10 pegatinas QR

Entrantes, platos principales y postres

Maximo 80 platos

X Información adicional

X Imágenes de platos

X Redes sociales y web


Menú QR Premium


A fully personal menu for 
the most demanding clients

100% personalizado

200 tarjetas QR

20 pegatinas QR

Logo, tipografías y colores corporativos

Sin máximo de platos

Información adicional

Imágenes de platos

Enlaces a las redes sociales y web


In 3 easy steps


You send us the information we need to design your online menu, dishes, images, logo, etc.


We create an online menu with your menu, generate a QR code and link it to your online menu.


With the cards and stickers that we will provide your customers will only have to scan with their mobile camera the QR code of the cards and Eat!


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