EASDAPP consists of the design of an application with which we intend to improve communication between students through a closed network that facilitates the academic development of the centre. To achieve this goal, we have included a contact agenda, school maps, timetables, tutorials and a community area where they can talk to each other.


Interaction Design, App Development






The result was the idea of a different product that covers the needs of users and facilitates their daily life at the center. This application offers fast, intuitive and instantaneous communication, while motivating the student to learn more about the environment around him.


The main objectives of the project are: to improve the feedback between students and teachers and to facilitate the development of academic activity and therefore the students.


As it is an app, we prioritize usability, although without renouncing to design: the graphic elements present a clean, careful and youthful design, oriented to the public to which they are addressed. We have favored the use of large icons, with a pleasant and easy to use visual path. The app we have created presents a flat design, without glitter, subtle shadows and no gradients. Contrasting and bright colors on a dynamic and young environment.

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