ECO Foods, sustainable food.

This is a web catalogue oriented to the promotion of vegan food products based on soya concentrate in order to create a positive impact and promote sustainable vegetable meat gastronomy.


Web Design


ECO Foods



Our target audience is, on the one hand, conscious young people who have made the decision not to consume products of animal origin in order to create a positive impact and, on the other hand, new users who are in the gradual transition from eating meat.

We have made use of a young and close language to create an emotional bond with the user, while transmitting the values of the company of an honest and transparent. The vegetable meat project is new and groundbreaking, so a fun, easy-to-navigate page has been created.

The challenge

Among the sections of the website we find the catalogue of each product with the functionality of including recipes in which to use each product which is a plus for the consumer. And, in addition, a map which includes the establishments where you can buy or consume the product according to your geographical area.

Website Design

The content is very visual, with images of the food presented in a suggestive way showing that eating vegetables does not have to be boring. We have sought to highlight the value of naturalness through textures.


The colours and typographies we have used are the corporate ones already given by the client.

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