Jobssion is a developing employment platform that connects potential candidates with employers through an algorithm based on the analysis of cultural and human factors such as personality, values and goals.


Branding & Web Design






The novelty of this platform is that it gives a new vision to the selection of personnel due to the fact that the current system of recruitment requires a lot of time and human effort.

We have carried out the creation of the logo, the corporate manual, the entire website and the test composed of 32 questions to be filled in by the future employee.

Website Design

The target audience of this website is the millenials since, at present, they are the ones who bet on this type of novel platforms and constantly consume the Internet.

The website has a fresh and modern style. We have used duotone images and colors with great contrast between them and based on the trend of that year. The use of a modular structure to define the spaces and a typewriter-style typography also predominate. In the case of the calls to action we have decided to keep the same typographic family as the logo.

The backoffice

Adding, also that we have designed both the employee part, as well as the companies part, taking, therefore, the construction of both backoffices with a very marked visual style.

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