Metal Day

Metal Day is a business that collects, buys and sells materials and waste in order to improve and recycle the planet's material.


Brand restyling, Web Design


Metal Day




The company uses machinery to separate the reusable material from the useless one and transports it to countries that can give it a second use. Its philosophy fits with ours, because there is only one planet and we must take care of it.

The route of the company is almost ten years old and is visible in its old logo and website. The previous website had major content problems, did not present the services available, nor the company's philosophy; it lacked a contact form, etc.

Restiling the Web

The values we aim to transmit are: cleanliness, care for the environment and professionalism. We have achieved this through the use of white and green tones. The company itself is a recycling plant, which is why, visually, it was not very attractive, which is why we have used archival images of nature and recycling. We have given priority to images and, by designing our own iconography, we have shaped the services and prices of the products.

The Logo

In the imagotype we have renewed the image of the nut and the leaf, respecting the formal structure and reducing it to flat colors. We have chosen a sans serif typeface family as the original but with more modern strokes.

Say Hi

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