SecondVita e-commerce

SecondVita is an online store with first and second hand items that seeks to sell sustainable and conscious products to give them a second life following the circular economy model.


Branding & Interactive Design






We have carried out the naming, the creation of the logo, the corporate image and the labels of the products. We have chosen the name SecondVita since, at present, the vision of second hand products has a negative character.

In a society where the quick purchase and the continuous launch of new products are a priority, the concept of extending the life of a product is related to the lack of resources and cache of the individual.

The challenge

We have managed to escape from the aesthetics of second-hand online stores that follow a practical line with full-colour designs, careless images and for all audiences. Our aim with the image of the website is that, when entering it, the customer has the feeling of being able to buy new and high quality items.

The main challenge we have proposed has been to create an easy to navigate online store, which reflects the social responsibility behind the brand. With SecondVita's design we have maintained the minimalist aesthetic by making use of the large white spaces, which contrast with the black titles and buttons, and the images with the minimum of colour. The values we wanted to transmit were those of elegance, minimalism and innovation. 

The Logo

The family used for the logo is the Josefin Sans, a typeface inspired by the 1920's and which has a rounded and clean character. It is composed by the two words, Second in big because we want to give priority to the word and Vita in smaller size.

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