Wild Souls

Wild Souls is an entity that is at the service of people at risk of social exclusion and animals in a state of mistreatment and/or abandonment. We carry out assisted therapy sessions with animals, education from respect and awareness, as well as, protection and animal rescue work.


Interactive Design


Wild Souls




The challenge was to build a website focused on recruitment to attract people related to his philosophy but that, in turn, would engage those who do not yet share those values. All this by presenting their services in an attractive way that other potential web audiences might like.

We decided to create a modular, fresh and light design that would make navigation appealing. Animals preside over some of these modules to contribute to this modern graphic tone and to give the page a unique personality.

The concept

We wanted to include the Colabora section because Wild Souls has a philosophy that encourages people to want to help, which is why, in this section, we incorporated the different possibilities that exist for this. We wanted to give importance to this section because, being a non-profit organization, the collaborations bring necessary income to keep the project alive.  

The section of Colabora has been created with information that would not only be interesting, but also could be seen as relevant and attractive, especially for those profiles potentially interested in supporting the entity. On the website we have included all the types of help that could be offered, having direct access to the shop and the teamer, as well as the option of volunteering and/or university internships. In this way, we have made visible that people can do no money needed.

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